Hilmar H. Werner - BerlinerTourGuide - 2009

hello there and welcome!
Salut, buon giorno y bien venida!

I'm very pleased you're reading this! hopefully something pleasant will come out of it (may be even a bit of happiness...!)

frankly, right now, after a very traumatic love-experience, I'm in the midst of a rather demanding transitional phase of my 'professional activities' which kept me busy all the time without any chances to widen my 'social horizon'. now I want to change this! and hopefully you are in a similar situation!

I'd like to explain the wish which you read probably in my ad: "After all a family! Or a love! Or both!!" you see, my father made me when he was fifty-nine, my mother being thirty-nine, and I'm afraid of half consciously wanting to emulate this... ;-) now I'm running out of time since I'm passing this critical age now... but I also equal my father in that people normally give me about ten years less when they guess my age... (I must have inherited a relatively youthful appearance, and I definitively 'inherited' my father's healthy way of eating, but not his reluctance towards sporting activities in his older age: I jogg fairly regularly [c. 12 km] and I do gymnastics with weights...)

and why am I writing to you in english, being a native german speaker? well I might have written also in french (possibly I would have even preferred this, but english is more of a 'lingua franca') or in italian, may be even in spanish (but here I still have to learn a lot), not to speak of the somewhat less realistic possibility of using latin or ancient greek... (don't want to get to know a catholic priest or a specialist for platonic philosophy... ;-) - and, honestly, I have forgotten most of my active knowledge in these ancient tongues...). well, I use another language because I like very much the practice of always widening my horizon, of adding to my experiences, of embracing and 'huddling against' the ever foreign, but awe-inspiring (and yet often shocking) world surrounding us... that's why I also cherish the idea of loving somebody with whom I could dive into and share another language and culture...

Aber wenn's denn am Ende eine Deutsche sein soll, die auch nicht nur in einer Kultur beschränkt sein und wenigstens in Gedanken 'über den Tellerrand schauen' will, na dann soll eben das mein Schicksal sein… (Du siehst, ich kann auch groß und klein schreiben... ;-) )

this basic attitude is probably also one of the reasons why my main interest is in theory and history of human culture in general (in relation to "mother nature" as humankind's ecological substrate!) and why I now work as a guide in berlin's streets and museums! nowhere else on the face of this earth can you study the complete development of humankind from A to Z better than in berlin's great collections! but there are other reasons for this interest - which I would rather like to explain to you live... here I just want to give you a very basic 'feeling' of who I am and of the situation I am in right now...

but I would like to mention already, that, due to that tendency of wanting to be 'lovingly' open to the world, meaning to me: human cultures, technology and nature, I studied many disciplines focussing ever more around the topic of the "process of civilisation" (norbert elias), like philosophy, history of art, german literature (LMU - munich; for a time as member of the "studienstiftung des deutschen volkes"), comparative science of religion, historic anthropology and psychology (FU - berlin), ethnology, archaeology (on my own, particularly during my travels), and then of course human history in general and especially history of germany, prussia and berlin. and that tendency of openness to the world is also why I worked in many professions: as printer, actor (TV, theatre, radio), translator, civil engineering and architecture (as free lance inventor of a patented building system, author, and for one of berlin's most interesting building projects [see here]), multi-media-designer (example), local historian (see www.100jahreagd.de), graphic designer (e.g. editing and co-authoring a book), photographer, video-maker (including DVD-production), assistant teacher (impression here) and - least but surely not last - taxi-driver... presently, mainly as a "tour-guide" and "museum moderator" (I'd prefer 'cultural guide'), I'm trying to braid together most of these threads... (one project being the production of downloadable multi-media-guides; but there are other, somewhat larger projects in the back of my mind, there at least...)

now, if you want to know more about me then I would like you to klick on
and gather the informations about me you might be interested in... you'll find almost everything (some people think too much... oh, but you won't find the numerous poems - as yet unpublished - I have written trying to come to grips with my experiences of the 'conditio humana'...). but please keep in mind: I will in the near future 'professionalize' this web presence very much (aesthetically and contentwise; till now I kept it deliberately simple and 'low-key', since I worked for agencies and didn't want to be their competitor; but now I'm trying to evolve into an agency [with multi-media-equipped cars] myself...).

if you feel that you can somehow relate to me then I would be happy to hear from you! so feel free to write to mail@berlinertourguide.com or give me a ring and we talk: 0049 30 8157781 !

with a lot of - cautious - hope! hilmar

PS: you might want to look at this (not publically linked):
or this: moderschloss (some impressions of things surrounding me), or this: www.hofkoch.de (about my great-great-grandfather, first cook of the prussian king, and my activities...), or this: http://www.timetravelteam.com/ethno - just to get a little feeling for what I do and am...

or listen to some of my musical choices on my youtube-channel here... I recommend not just the classical music, including gregorian chant (I'm mostly a 'classic fan'), but also playlists like "taiko" (japanese drumming) or "greatest hits and songs..." (pop music, yes, but partly very rich and deep really [if you also think about the lyrics], in its sadness as well as in its light-heartedness, and definitely an important emotional tinge of my soul...!)

and, since not all browsers show 'tooltips' for pictures: the foto of me is from 2009 (to be honest ;-) ), but that's pretty much how I still look - well, the sideburns may be just a little more 'salt and pepper'...

or have a look at this: ForumCulturaMundi.net - there you'll find some thoughts that are important to me and at the end some of my poems, including examples of the few I wrote in english… you might also want to read this translation of a famous german poem into english: "Von Guten Mächten..."

PS2: in case you come across this via a search-engine and not via my "Zitty"-ad I reproduce it in the following so you understand better:

I have a dream! After all a family! Or a love! Or both!! With a smart one, tall and slender, natural and cultured, sensitive and reasonable, just like me (?). 'Foreign' or german, open-minded at any rate! Two equals to form a binary star shining in the dark of space! (And not afraid of someone who is a bit older, but not 'old'!) More > www.berlinertourguide.de/mylove